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Re: Jack Del Rio Thread

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Brought over from the other thread. Jack Del Rio resume:

- in 2002, joins Carolina Panthers as defensive coordinator, defense finishes ranked 2nd in yards allowed, compared to 31st in the year before. (overlaps with current Panthers GM Marty Hurney that year, who took over as GM of the Panthers in 2002 as his first GM job)

- in 2003 becomes the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Defense finishes 6th in yards allowed, compared to 20th in the year before.

- in 2012 becomes the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, they finish 2nd in yards allowed, compared to 20th the year before.

There were of course other stops in there. But like Rivera, a clear track record of immediate defensive improvement in the first year.

Worth noting of course that in 2015 Wade Phillips replaced him as defensive coordinator and put together an all time defense. A lot of Broncos fans would say Del Rio's defenses were not aggressive enough - too bland - rushing 4 and not blitzing enough.

If Chase Young is a part of the front 4, I don't think we'll have to blitz much. Regardless, this is leaps and bounds beyond Greg Manusky. HTTR
Thanks for sharing the details, I wasn't sure about this move but now with the info, it doesn't look like a bad move at all.
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