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Re: NFL Divisional week

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Vikings @ Niners : Realistically I'd say the niners come out on top because their D has been dominant but the Vikings' Dline was exciting to watch last week. I guess if they can put Garoppolo under duress and Kirk has a good day they have a shot... So I'm gonna go Vikings.

Titans @ Ravens : I love the type of football the Titans play... but I don't see them keeping up with Baltimore's offense. So Ravens.

Texans @ Chiefs : Chiefs.

Seahawks @ Packers : Seahawks, Russel Wilson is amazing and I like their D a lot, strong Dline, Clowney was a highlight reel machine last week, and smart, fast, tough linebackers.
I think minny can beat San Fran if the defense shows up

20-24 Minny

Titans will hang til half time but 2nd half Baltimore pulls away... Titans canít play from behind

31-18 Baltimore

Chiefs are gonna fuck up Houston

43-17 KC

Seattle will frustrate Packers at first, but Pack will run the ball and control the game second half. Seattle doesnít have enough to keep up

30-23 Pack
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