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Re: Pro Bowl Week - Around the NFL

Originally Posted by Giantone View Post
Eli Manning,

Played 16 years..........................,bias media BS.

2 Championships
4 Pro Bowls
210 consecutive starts never missing a game to injury
7th in history in passing yards
7th in history in TD passes
Walter Peyton man of the year
Two historic play off runs
Second QB in history to throw 2 go ahead 4th quarter TDs in the Super Bowl
Played his absolute best in the biggest moments and the ONLY moments that truly matter.
Two iconic Super Bowl moments that will be replayed by NFL films when your grandchildren have grandchildren.
Class act who always represented the league in a positive light

THAT ... is a Hall Of Famer and to add.................

Go look at Eli's numbers in both playoff runs ... incredible

when you are looking at those numbers think about some of the situations of those games

#1 seed Cowboys in Dallas

-1 degrees in GB where he puts on a clinic

again beating a #1 seed in the Packers in GB

SF in one of the most violent games I've ever seen

that's leaving out the SB games
You do not have to give me the hard sell. I think he is a hall of famer and maybe a first ballot.
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