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Re: Could the Skins do what the 49ers did in 2019-20?

It took 3 years for the 49ers to go from 4 wins to the SB. In the same amount of time the Redskins could rise to a similar level. Even if the Redskins draft Chase Young and he does have a Bosa -like years, I still think we’ll only get to .500 this season. Too many holes and you can only count on Kyle Smith to do so much. In two seasons I think we can be in the playoffs and on our way. Obviously the biggest unknown is Haskins and the WR group and our TE. We have two stars on WR, but need a WR #2 or for Harmon to excel. We have NOTHING at TE and look to add two TE through FA. We’ll probably take Greg Olsen and bid for an elite TE, but may come up short for an elite TE and may have to settle for an average TE FA or pick a third round TE, like we did with Cooley.

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