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Re: Could the Skins do what the 49ers did in 2019-20?

Originally Posted by Pervis_Griffith View Post
This past season, the 49ers were coming off a 4 and 12 regular season. With the 2nd pick of the draft, they selected Nick Bosa, DE from Ohio State.

The Skins are coming off a 3 and 13 year, and hold the second pick in the draft, with all signs pointing to drafting of Chase Young, DE from Ohio State.

Obviously, there's a whole lot more to the Niners turnaround, and there are a lot more holes for the Skins to fill too, but these parallels are interesting.

Could the Skins do what the Niners did last year, next year?

That D-Line with Chase Young added to it, is freakin' tasty. With Rivera and Del Rio leading the new D, could that be the catalyst to turning the D into a top 10, or greater, defense? Could the Skins follow that all the way to the Super Bowl?

Probably not. But it is nice to dream ....
I think with the coaching direction JDR and RR...defense will become a priority and we will certainly get better with that and the addition of CY.

The question is, can we duplicate success on the ground? That's a challenge with 2 Injured RB and one extremely old RB. We need help there with another RB draft pick or FA signing. My preference would be to move on from AP.
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