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Re: Alex Smith’s Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Alex Smith was hurt in a game I was at. I knew the injury was bad because of how fast they got him out of there.

It was a Compound Fracture, which means the broken bone is exposed thru the skin. Multiple surgeries, then bacteria in the wound, then sepsis - which is an extremely dangerous condition.
Finally, he beats that life-threatening condition, and starts to comeback. And how he has come back - not to the level just to be able to walk as a 34-year old, but perhaps even to come back to PLAY AGAIN IN THE NFL.

This post-season, Alex made it clear he DOESN’T want a NFL football management position, which also negated the possibility of being Dan Snyder’s football knowledgeable guru buddy.

Due to Bruce Allen’s incredibly generous (read : ridiculous) contract, he will get $21 mill in guaranteed money this season, so he doesn’t need to play a single play this season. BUT, he wants to play again! And based on the latest released video’s of him moving around in a hospital evaluation room, he MAY BE ABLE TO PLAY QB once again.

So, what should he do? Play in the NFL or play it safe for his remaining non-NFL life?
How should the Redskin’s use him? Backup and QB whisperer to Haskins, as he did for Mahomes? Many of the Chiefs say he was an inspiration as the team moved forward after Mahomes took over as QB. OR should the Redskins use Alex Smith to CHALLENGE Dwayne Haskins for the #1 QB spot? What say you all about the truly “Bionic Man”?

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Why do people keep saying that? Just because he got hurt? He was paid market rate for his standing in the NFL's QB class, nothing more. If Alex is healthy and wants to be a mentor to Haskins and QB#2 I am fine with that.
We don't need a competition with Haskins looking over his shoulder. Time to see if Dwayne is the long term answer or not.
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