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Re: Ryan Kerrigan - Keep Him or Let Him Go?

Agree that there is no rush and I'm guessing there's no pressure from Kerrigan either. He knows he's on the downslope so he won't be getting some bumper deal if he's released. And no, we don;t need to do anything before the draft so RR will take his time and make the right decision, no matter what that is.
If he doesn't want to be the #2 behind Young and gets disgruntled (which I don't think he would) then it makes sense to cut loose, assuming there's no trade deal on the table. But if he's OK taking a cut in a restructure what's the downside? If he drops off a performance cliff we can cut him with little baggage and if he continues to play at a high level he's an ideal #2, plus gives options for different DL (and LB) packages.
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