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Re: Ryan Kerrigan - Keep Him or Let Him Go?

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
I don't know which one of the AM radio sports talk shows it was as I flip between 3 when driving, mostly due to reception issues. They were talking Redskins and some Cowboy fan calls up and says if Kerrigan is cut loose he will end up with a star on his helmet. That would not seem right to me, kind of like a guy sleeping with his best friend's wife.

As for what to do I would try to restructure and keep him. Until last year the guy never missed a game and averaged double digit sacks.
Pro football isn't about feelings and nostalgia. It's a ruthless cutthroat business. It would suck but if Farve went to go play for the Vikings then Kerrigan can go to Dallas. In the end it's business.

Now is the perfect time to move on from Kerrigan. You have to have the ability to see when a player is starting to hit the downside of his career and now is that time for Kerrigan.
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