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Re: 3/18 @4pm NFL Free Agency & Trading Period

Originally Posted by GridIron26 View Post
Who do you think Redskins will target for WR? Emmanuel Sanders and AJ Green are the ideal WR for Redskins to sign in my opinion but I don't believe they will consider Redskins since we are not even close to contenders just yet. I don't like Amari Cooper.. So I doubt we will be able to find a WR that will come in and take over the #2 spot immediately.
I donít think Cooper is going anywhere. I like him, but donít love the dude at what he wants...but more comfortable than doing that than below.

Sanders would be my choice but he wants to win a championship. But a two year 12 mil per would be ideal...but he will go to a contender.

Demarcus Robinson is a guy I like but he is gonna get a strong Paul Richardson-like contract. I like the guy, but not paying him like that.

Would Perriman come here for a 1 or 2 year deal prove it deal ala Pryor a couple years ago? Meh..I rather not do that...but itís a safer deal than Robbie Anderson at a 40 million deal imo.

AJ Green injury is really scary at what he wants...pass.

Iíd rather pay Amari Cooper if we are going to be stupid...but Iíd hold off and see if a cut vet WR a decent price or spending that 3rd or 4th round pick on a WR.
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