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Should we be drafting Tua???

So as the draft gets closer, more and more rumors begin to swirl. The draft options that have predominantly been talked about are:

Option A: Draft Chase Young
Option B: If a team offers a king ransom, trade down.

Tuas medical just recently checked out very positively. Im warming up more and more to the idea of taking Tua at 2 over Young if RR likes what he sees. Remember, prior to the injury he was the number 1 QB prospect. I think he still would be if it wasnt for his hip injury. Also, if you go off of their grades coming out of college, Tua graded out significantly higher than Haskins. Maybe RR wants the QB to be HIS guy.

So just to spark another rumor convo, what do yall think about:

Option C: Drafting Tua
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