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Re: Should we be drafting Tua???

Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
Nothing about the draft is cast in concrete. I'm sure that Tua will be thoroughly evaluated as the possible #2 pick by the Redskins, as will Burrow. I could ask you the question "What should we do if the Bengals draft Tua or Young instead of Burrow?" I mean, the options could turn out to be to choose between any two of those three players or to trade the pick. It hurts my brain to think of all the possibilities. That's why RR gets paid the big bucks.

Look at the nba draft few years back, Fultz was the man he was going to Boston no question he is the man, then Danny trades the pick and the Celtics have Tatum now.

nothing is etch in stone, burrow is not andrew luck coming out.
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