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Re: Post Draft Free agency targets

Originally Posted by EdmundDorf View Post
All of them? We already have a pretty full roster, number of guys from last years team will, justifiably, already be leaving.

FS. Would live to have Tre Boston but unless they ditch Landon Collins, that room is full
MLB. I think J.Davis will be MLB, we need a WLB.
QB. Ron loves K.Allen and there really aren't any viable vetetans on the market.
TE. We aren't keeping 4 TE so no point adding a journeyman veteran
FS - That room is only full if they have someone better than Tre Boston to play FS - which they don't. If we sign Boston (which I hope we do) somebody in that room had better start packing.

WLB - I'm all for picking up a WLB.

QB - I'm fine with our QB's until the WFT can land "The One".

TE - I agree unless we are offered a deal we can't refuse on a good vet.
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