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Re: Skins / SF Postgame

I actually thought the field held up better than expected in terms of it was not having chunks come like the RG3 playoff game.

It rained non stop yesterday during game time. Drainage was bad but we use bermudda grass and not turf. They say Bermudda doesnt hold up well in colder temperatures and I think Philly does Bermudda to start the season then switches to a different grass or a hybrid come colder weather. I know Philly re-sods the field mid season. I think we re-soded rarely during the season ... I know we did it a few years ago.

Not having the best drainage, not having heated fields (Eagles grass field is heated) and not re-sodding as needed during the season are all many ways I believe Snyder spends very little on investment in infrastrucure, scouts, and the little and big things that are needed to be a well run organization from top to bottom.

Hell .. we just got hyperbaric chambers and cryotherpay last year! Players said they had to drive around DC to get specific individual treatments at different places. Hyperbaric and cryo therapy is readily avail to various PT places, this isnt something cutting edge anymore ... but the Skins didnt fork out the money for the equipment.

I imagine the Pats and other well run organizations have the next generation stuff beyond oxygen and cryo tx (2019 cutting edge tech for 2019) but we are just now getting into like 2010 medical tech.

Only thing Snyder pays for is payroll. After that everything is band aided together. Reminds me of Carson Palmer talking about the Bengals after he left Cincy .. everything is just old and cheap and over used.

Just my opinion from what Ive read and seen the past 20 years.
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