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Re: Number Seven Belongs To Thiesman

Originally Posted by dej733 View Post
Per Grant Paulsen

Big #Redskins nugget: Joe Theismann says Dwayne Haskins has decided that he wants to wear No. 7. Theismann has given permission to the rookie QB to do so. Told us he just talked to him on the phone.
Good. It's a number. I think it's a sign of a massive ego to be a former player and tell a new player, "You can't wear my number. That was MY number."

Boo-Hoo. You don't play anymore. You don't wear a jersey. Let it go.

Yes, certain exceptions apply (21). But if the only reason you want to "retire" a number is because you were "such an amazing player nobody should ever be allowed to wear that number again".... ? Give me a break.
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