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Re: College football 2014

This is why I could never stand College Football. I am not and never have been a FSU fan but they got a legit gripe. They were the champs last year have won their last 24 straight games, yet a group of people (chaired by an AD from a SEC school) decided they are 3rd. Makes 0 sense.

The SEC out of conference schedule is weak as shit, yet everyone has to assume they are so great. Alabama (rank #1?) has only 4 away games all year: @ Olde Miss(a loss), @ 5-5 Arizona (where they won 14-13), @ 5-5 Tenn, and @ 7-4 LSU(20-13) . Their best road win is a four loss LSU team they beat by one score?

Alabama's OOC teams are West Virginia(4 loss), Florida Atlantic(7 loss), Southern Miss(8 loss), and powerhouse Western Carolina(4 loss). They had to play all these scary beasts at home. All year long they played two teams with less than 4 losses and they lost one of those.

How does this make any sense?
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