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Re: Trent Williams ends season-long holdout, rejoins Redskins

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Bruce Allen proved, once again, why he is the worst GM in the NFL. Instead of trying to trade TW BEFORE the season started, when teams were searching for an elite OT, BA waited until the next-to-last day to offer him up. The Redskins looked desperate with this last minute move and the only team which was looking for an OT, the Cleveland Browns, wouldn’t give Bruce the first round draft pick he wanted. In SEPTEMBER, many teams were calling the Redskins for TW. The Texans gave up TWO first round draft picks and more to Miami for an OT who wasn’t in the same class as TW and who BTW hasn’t done shitte for them since the trade. Teams needed a seven Pro Bowl OT to fill holes before the season started, not with just hours to go before the deadline in the middle of the season. Eventually all those potential trade partners filled that hole. Now if a team needs an OT, they’ll draft for one.

So Bruce’s decision to “punish” TW by not trading him, has instead hurt the Redskins in several ways:

1. TW will never play for this team again. His hole in the OL must be filled this offseason, because we have a 36-year old OT who is just place holding that spot right now. The Redskins now have a depreciating asset that is worth less and less everyday.

2. Bruce Allen showed the NFL why he is considered the least-competent and disliked GM in the NFL. The “ USA Today” poll two years ago stated that’s what players and their agents thought of BA. Players in today’s NFL want to be traded all the time and 99% of the teams make the best trade they can from their disgruntled employee and move on. The move to hurt TW by not trading him looks stupid and amateurish.

3. This shows other players in the last year of their contract, who the team might want to keep, like Scherff or CT that the Redskins are vindictive and petty. After seeing what happened with Cousins or TW, would you want to deal with this management or trust them?

4. The team is in the worst position now because they have no draft pick to fill his OT hole and teams now know the redskins are desperate to trade TW as his value steadily decreases.

By making no trades, either to get rid of players who won’t be here next season OR to get one or two “fire sale” players to fill obvious holes in the team (like TE or the OL) Bruce Allen and Snyder show they have no real plan for getting better. Perhaps BA and Snyder think that their 1-7 record is just a fluke and the team is just ready to turn the corner toward success.
Do you feel better now? That was a tremendous rehash and I am really curious if venting helped.

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