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Re: Chase Young or Three First Round Picks?

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
In your Detroit scenario you could take Isaiah Simmons , who is an elite LB, with the #3. LB is a position of more need for the Ďskins than Edge and Chase Young. Then in the second round you take either a very good WR or OT who most likely would be a starter. The two firstís for the next two years are interesting but not enough to make the Redskins bite. Why not?

Chase Young has an immediate and huge benefit to the defense right away. Any trade down scenario has to have enough picks THIS SEASON to make a similar benefit to the Redskins. In a realistic Miami trade, letís say for their #5, #18 and their second rounder, plus a first rounder in 2021; the Redskins could get Isaiah Simmons (LB) or Andrew Thomas (OT) with the #5 both positions where we have a large need AND these guys are elite. Then with the #18 and second rounder you get two good or very good starters, also in positions of need, like CB or FS or LB/OL (depending on how you used the #5).

Like has been said, you might get 3 starters or maybe two with three high picks versus Chase as a superstar or if heís over-rated than a guy who might be injury-probe or just good versus elite.

BL - the only trade down must give the Redskins high draft picks THIS season:

1. Something like Miamiís #5,#18 and a second (and next yearís first)

2. Miamiís #5, #18 and their #26

3. Some other teamís pretty much EVERYTHING: first, second, third, fourth, fifth and maybe next yearís first. Something like that. You get a cornucopia of picks, combined with our picks gets you (with Kyle Smithís genius) 4-6 starters , with maybe one or two very good or superstars. Fills all the holes with young, cheap, motivated players.

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Young cheap and motivated, the redskins need playmakers.
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