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Chase Young or Three First Round Picks?

Originally Posted by skinsfanmdc View Post
Young cheap and motivated, the redskins need playmakers.

Also, the rookies in a big trade-down would be good and certainly better then what’s there now. A couple of these rookies will be very good and maybe one or two might even be excellent or outstanding (like 2019’s McLaurin and Holcomb). So in the scenario with a Ditka-type trade where you get 5-6 EXTRA draft picks this season, AND if Kyle Smith has another outstanding draft, then you’re filling almost all the holes with quality players AND building depth.

Having real depth is something the Redskins haven’t EVER had in the Snyder era. Having a team with young players means less injuries. Filling holes and getting depth with rookies continues to change this team from old, tired, under-performing and often hurt FA to the exact opposite type of team!

Snyder tried for 2 decades to buy a winning team with FA. Never worked. If RR took a BIG trade-down and we got lots of extra picks and added 4-6 STARTERS, then this would take the pressure off trying to fill holes with FA. By not having to fill so many holes with FA, then you can spend more per FA hired. For instance, we might be able afford a top $$ FA at TE - Henry or Hooper. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to buy an expensive and talented burner like Amari Cooper to work alongside McLaurin? Be able to afford Scherff AND Trent Williams?

I’d love to see Chase Young working opposite Sweat, along with Allen, Payne and Ionnidas. That combo might be the best EDGE’s the Redskins have ever seen - maybe even better then Mann and Manley!

But if we were offered a King’s Ransom, it could change the team quickly and thoroughly , THIS SEASON. If it’s good enough, the team has to consider it, no matter how much we want Chase Young.

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