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Re: Reuben Foster to be fined but not suspended by NFL

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
With Foster there are a lot of questions as to whether the woman is trying to extort him by claiming he's assaulting her. The integrity of her character is a huge factor in the prosecution deciding to drop the case and not press any charges against Foster.

With Zeke there's video evidence of wrong-doing. As mentioned by others, public perception is everything for Roger, like it or not. And I don't like it myself, I'd rather see it managed fairly by an independent arbitrator.

Except for Zeke. He's a dirtbag just like the rest of your shitbird roster.
Yeah, its not a good comparison because of the character of the woman in Foster's case is in question.

Another thing ill throw in...I wonder if OSU looked the other way with Zeke's behavior, a willful ignorance...big programs kinda have a history and look who was the coach and his track record at Florida.
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