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Re: Guice dealing with hamstring injury, questionable for start of training camp

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
I think Jay has a soft spot for everyone. I think he is the opposite of the Vince Lombardi type. I have seen plenty a play where an average coach would have greeted the player with an ass chewing coming off the field and Gruden did nothing. The one that stands out if he saw it was when Jordan Reed stood and gave Alex Smith the stink eye when Alex's throw was picked off in the end zone and the defender went 100 yards the other direction for a TD. If Reed didn't pull that stunt he could have saved a TD. That had to stand out like a sore thumb on film if the coaches missed it during the game.
I can see this, Jay seems like a people person and a bit of a push over. He may be "too loyal" if you will.

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