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Re: NFL Season Predictions 2019

I wonder what some of you guys are basing your optimism on that are predicting the Redskins make the play-offs. Reality is this team finished the last season 1-6 after Alex Smith was injured. Also to normally make the play-offs takes a 10 win season. Jay Gruden as an NFL head coach best record is 9-7 in 5 years coaching the Redskins. To make the play-offs Gruden will need to have his best year ever. The draft class will need to make an immediate strong impact, players who finished last year injured will have to come back 100% and stay healthy, and Keenum or a green Haskins will have to play well behind a suspect O-line.

To sum it up we have to hit the daily double of Gruden's best year coaching and the best draft of the Allen years. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but I think I have a better chance of hitting the lotto and I don't even play.
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