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How Long Will Jay Gruden Last This Season as Head Coach?

I think we’re going to see how good the different facets of the Redskins are this season. Some areas will surprise, such as the very underrated Wide Receiver group. Some NFL talking heads think that the Redskins got rid of their best WR when they dropped Doctson last week. Even though our new, Talented, fast, motivated and young WR are going to do well, but unfortunately even the very best NFL wide receivers struggle some as rookies. This season we have real rookies like McLaurin and Harmon and others like Quinn who are effectively rookies because they hardly played last year due to injuries. So our WR will do far better than expected, but are a year away from their best football.

Our left side OL is very shaky. This will hurt the passing game and even Guice’s return. Case Keenum has been inconsistent as a QB, to say the least. Our defense looks good on paper but may take awhile to help. The lowest predictions for the Redskins are 3-13. I just read a Redskins site saying we’ll be 5-11. I personally think we will be 7-9. Unfortunately the Redskin’s schedule is front loaded with some really tough teams.

The question is how will Jay Gruden fare if the team’s record is 1-5 or 2-4 after the first six games? Will Dan Snyder pull the plug mid-season or let Gruden finish the season in order to let him play our first round draft pick and “coach him up” ?

I think that regardless of the team’s record, as long as Haskins is brought in by mid-season, Jay will be kept on as the HC for the rest of the season. Same with Bruce Allen - Snyder will keep both Gruden and Allen on until the end of the season.

What do you think about Jay’s chances this season? Will he be fired sometime in the season? Gruden is probably in the hottest Head Coach seat in the NFL. But is Snyder more worried about Haskin’s development versus Gruden’s future this season? What do you have to say about Jay??

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