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Re: Ron Rivera Thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Instead of Bruce heading business ops how about this:

Bruce steps down from football and business ops, says he will be a stadium consultant for Dan.

Eric Schaeffer is team prez (primary cap guy for the team, also part of the roster-building squad).

Kyle Smith is GM (smart football man to be part of roster-building with Riverboat Ron)

Riverboat Ron as HC (and possibly d-coordinator)

KOC as O-coordinator (allows him to get 1-3 more seasons of experience before someone plucks him for HC)
I would be fine with all of that except for Bruce Allen. I don't want him attached to the team at all. You can hire plenty of outside consultants with connections to DC. My biggest fear with Allen being anywhere near the team is that the moment the new man in charge doesn't do something 100% approved by Dan that he'll run to Smithers and Smithers will blow smoke up Dans ass. Gotta cut him loose.
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