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Re: Nhl 2013-14

Originally Posted by mooby View Post

I'm disappointed in our moves we made at the trade deadline. Ignoring our lack of d is going to be the downfall of McPhee. Goaltending hasn't been great but that's usually the case when your d hangs the goalie out to dry. If we can't beat an 8 seed like Philly we don't deserve to make the playoffs. Playoffs mean nothing when you never advance anyway. Maybe if we miss them this year we can restructure the organization around someone who places the same emphasis on defense that they do on the forwards.
Couldn't agree more. That game last night was atrocious to watch. Our Defense just flat out sucks. Upgrade our goalie? Are you kidding me? What a joke.

Team isn't going anywhere until we regain some fundamentals on defense.
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