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Re: Your 2014-2015 Maryland Terps Basketball

terps seemed real flat and had a lack of interest in second half.

it was like they were told to just not get injured.


dez early foul trouble 10 mins into 1st half really made him a non-factor the rest of the game. he just never settled in and when he did touch the ball he forced it.

dez at 6'5" needs to show he can hit the 3 for NBA scouts. real surprised he hasnt been a little selfish over the last 10 games or so to try and showcase his NBA talents. if he stays a slasher he will be an in-betweener. Dez needs to make the tourney about him and his draft stock. take the ball. command respect.

get that 1st round guaranteed money. dez hogging the ball helps him and the terps. terps do not get past 2nd round if wells doesnt take over.


disappearing man. it seems like turgeon runs some sets for him but he gets the ball a few steps farther than intended or he doesnt make the open 3.

layman needs to assert himself. turgeon has been saying so for a few weeks now in interviews.


the long nba 3 is nice but please do not make it a habit. there is nothing bad i can say about melo's game.


if you could assert yourself as our big man we could have had a real chance at being something really really special. the terps will never get past KU w/out a big man. they have none.

terps are just a slightly flawed team. they are 1 dominant/good big man away from being legit contenders. sadly, next year we will not have dez wells and who knows what we will look like next year.

really hope this top 10 prospect diamond stone picks us over wisconsin. 6'10" supposed stud.
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