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Re: The 2016 MLB thread

Opening Day at the OPACY!

Supposed to rain right at first pitch at 3 pm.

I do not have high expectations for the Os. as the saying goes, dan duquette can go suck a bag of dicks. Seriously, fuck that guy. After it got leaked last year he was talking with the Blue Jays, he has done a shit job here.

His 2 jobs for the offseason:

1. improve SP - he failed miserably. losing chen and adding gallardo (who cost a mid 1st round pick and has shoulder/forearm issues = TJ)

2. get leadoff hitter w good OBP - signed a guy from korea who cant play and now you have to keep him on your 25 man roster bc its in his contract that you cant send him to the minors and he refuses to go to minors.

We would have been better off if DD had done nothing this offseason. We now have to carry a guy on on 25 just to make him sit on the bench RG3 style until he quits (great for clubhouse chemistry), lost our best pitcher and added a journeyman arm ... and we also gave chris davis 158 MILLION DOLLARS when no one was going to give him 100 million.

with all that said, we could set the team home run record this year ... and still end up a little below .500 bc our SP sucks.
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