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Originally Posted by mooby View Post
As for the Cavs, I wish I had been able to catch that game a couple weeks ago. I was following the gamecenter religiously in the 4th, I can't believe the Wizards let Lebron make that shot at the end. I agree that with Love out for 6 weeks there is a shot they lose the top seed, but will it matter in the end? I hate LBJ but you gotta respect the talent and his ability to dominate a game when it matters. I'm not sure we'll ever see the Wizards win a series against LBJ as long as he's playing.
Agreed- it's not smart money to ever bet against Lebron. He took the Warriors to 6 with Matthew Dellavedova as his sidekick two seasons ago! You can tell he's getting a little angsty this season... he's playing way too many minutes as it is. If the Cavs are smart, just rest him and let the seedings fall where they may. They would probably still go to the Finals as an 8 seed with a rested Lebron and Kyrie. But it definitely isn't a shoe-in against this current Wiz iteration.
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