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Re: Redskins Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
The team in my opinion got weaker in free agency not better, especially considering a lot of the acquired players will be cut and turn into cap hits.
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I disagree completely. I think free agency was a net gain for us.

Of players projected to be starters, we lost a good-but-not-great OLB and an injury-prone receiver. For both of those players, we already have replacements on the roster drafted in previous years.

We added a low-end starting QB and an elite safety. And we also essentially added an elite ILB with the news foster would not be suspended.

Additionally, its not like the draft will be it for us. We are generally active in the next waves of free agency: the post-draft and post-june 1 cuts. I would not be surprised if get a really good starter who is a surprise cut by his team.

I'm not saying we have had a stellar offseason by any means, but I think our overall roster is already better than we were when the season ended.
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