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Re: All things NFL Offseason 2019.

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
He does that stuff for good PR and to make up for his transgressions. The dude is a straight up punk. 50/50 chance the Cowboys sign him to a LTD.
I imagine every high salary NFL player does a level of PR, I wouldn't be shocked if it's in some of the CBA language, or an understanding between the union and the players. That said, the number that gets me in Sandtrap's thing, is the He helped RAISE 250K for... That's one game check if he donated it. Yes charity and fundraising is important, but come on if you want to help donate on your own end.

I know that they "only" get 16 game day checks, instead of throughout the year, but I imagine he might have more chances at a side hustle or two in the Dallas area then your average Joe making 50K/year to make up for that 1/16 of his income...
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