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Re: Training camp 2011 thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post

Do we have to open the Training Camp thread by starting it with a Haynesworth article right off the bat?

How about this. I have my doubts that this will pan out, but how about we keep this thread on the Redskins players that will actually contribute to this team this season. We could talk about the impending qb battle, or which of the bajillion wideouts on our roster will make the final cut. We could also talk about new free agent additions that will make an impact this season, or talk about why our secondary looks to be a team strength this season, or even talk about how cool it is to have an Aussie on the roster. Anything but Haynesworth. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase.
Sorry. You are correct.

I saw the story about AH and it reminded me about camp, not AH. I really was trying to talk about camp but unintentionally picked a poor segue.

Let's talk about training camp!
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