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Re: Skins @ Browns Post glorified scrimmage thread (PSW1)

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
IMO, the following people should have played at least one series (unless there were health issues)

- Schreff
- Moses
- Allen
- Matt I.
- Payne
- P. Richardson
- T. Quinn

I also don't understand why Doctson wasn't out there, dude is competing for a roster spot, he should have played at least a quarter.

McLaurin played a snap, I don't get why he wasn't out there either.

I know the team is concerned about injuries, but you have a new QB that needs to get in rhythm with receivers; and there are receivers that did not play at all last year because of injury.

Baker mfing Mayfield played , there is no excuse not to run a series at least

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