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Scary terry

He deserves his own thread.

Catching a touchdown in each of his first 2 games and posting team-highs with 125 and 67 receiving yards.

“I’m not surprised at all just because I know how hard he works on and off the field,” said Washington’s current No. 2 quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who famously played with McLaurin at Ohio State. “I’m just happy for him that he’s getting the recognition he deserves.”

“He runs everything,” Haskins said. “The thing about Terry, he doesn’t care what it is. Just tell him what you need him to do to help win the game and he’ll do it full speed, hard as he can every time. That’s just how he’s raised, how he is with a lot of stuff in his life. I think he’s a great person to look for as an example of hard work.”

Looks like the Skins have finally hit on a WR in the draft. It's most likely due to Haskins who asked the team to draft one of his guys from OHST.

Hope he stays healthy all yr and balls out, he's my new favorite player on the team
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