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Re: Packers Pre Game Thread

I think we got lucky with the Panthers O line being horrible at pass pro and their D line being injured. I dont see us getting pressure on 4 or 5 man rushes ... but who knows, honestly i have zero clue on how good or healthy the packers O line is.

I think A-Aron has a field day with our LBs trying to drop back into coverage and they basically just exploit/dictate matchups on our LBs and target it every single time. I think Moreland/Moreau will be picked on heavily as well.

I wonder what they do when Collins drops down into the box. I think teams have to start accounting for that now when he drops down. If you have a screen or something, I think you need to check out of it now.
"We haven't put it together. We've made too many mistakes on game day. But the effort. The effort of the players and the rest of this organization is fantastic," Redskins Team President Bruce Allen said in early October.
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