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Re: Fantasy Football 2015 Thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Welp, playoffs started last weekend in my pay league and I had a bye. So of course my RBs all got injured last week: Rawls (out for the year and I have Lynch injured on the bench), Jonathan Stewart on Carolina sprained his knee and Riverboat Ron said they are going to be careful with him and Todd Gurley banged his knee.

Looks like Gurley is gonna be all right...and of course im getting screwed by an early turn around on Thursday night (fuck you goodell)

OK...Stewart is probably gonna be out or his workload will be limited. I need a waiver wire baller:

Give me some insight people:

Denard Robinson Jacksonville vs Falcons. Yeldon probably out or limited

Bryce Brown vs Cleveland. Probably gonna start for Seattle, but hasn't played a snap this year.

Matt Jones vs Buffalo. We know the dumpster fire our running game can be, but Buffalo has been giving up on the ground lately.

Bolden NE...I hate New England running back because of the inconsistencies, but folks are saying he will get the start vs Tennessee who is decent against the run. Plus that dude White will probably split time.

How would you rank these fools? Waiver position is 6, but I got some dumbass friends who aren't in the playoffs that wont be active in the process.
I would go Denard Robinson - At the least Jax's offense works, and if Atlanta's doesn't Jax might get to a point where they are up enough to run out the game.

Matt Jones next, Alfred seems to get the first series, then Matt Jones gets the bulk, then Alfmo gets the early 4th quarter if we are ahead. Jones should have good success

Bolden next. NE is likely going to run him as the first option, though White and Gronk will get the bulk of the TD shots

Bryce Brown. He's last cuz I have no clue for him whatsoever.
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