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Re: Reuben Foster to be fined but not suspended by NFL

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
With the Foster news...ILB seems to be solidified with a nice mix of depth with vets and developing talent. Hamilton and Harvey-Clemons...

Depending on how the draft goes...if we could get a decent TE prospect we still could cut Mason Foster, Vernon Davis and extend Brandon....Edge Ezekiel Ansah is still out there waiting for that one year prove it deal. Id consider it...he could be a bargain.
Agreed, but the Most pressing roster move is Jordan Reed and his $9.7 million dollar cap hit. Either he is restructured or cut. The guy is a huge liability in the running game because he cannot block, because he is fragile, which makes him not an every down TE. At $9.7M and not being a every down TE Something needs to be done. It is not 2015 anymore and Reed has proven he cannot stay healthy or have a 1000 yard season.
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