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Re: Number Seven Belongs To Theismann

Originally Posted by BringBackJoeT View Post
Actually, I see the issue of his status among Redskin fans as being the most relevant factor. While he may not be great from an all-NFL perspective, within the Redskins franchise itself, Joe T started the most games, passed the most yards, and threw the most touchdowns. The QB position has always been the primary position in football, and the franchise is 80+ years old, so the guy who managed to be the all-time leader in these stats would reasonably create among fans some special sentiment for his number. I assume King didnít address this angle of it. (Although I admit not having read it, because I no longer read anything he writes.)
Yup...I saw King walking around the training camp. He's a self promoting bum like most in media these days. PK is Straight trash
The culture is damn good around here.
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