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Re: NFL Anthem Policy

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
I have no safe space. I do not hide in some gray area like JR. I call it like I see it. And trust me when i tell you that a troll on a message board in no way strikes fear in me. Lmao. Anyway you two closet Trumpers enjoy your evening. I know i am.

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Of course you have a safe space. You have preached from it in every post. Your self-righteousness is such a well constructed fortress free from thought that it's ability to keep you safe from critical thought is obvious from the top of the Washington Monument. Which is just about as tall as the high horse on which you have seated yourself.

I shall not attempt to assail it further but will allow you to wallow in your certainty as you swill your beer in ignorance. I am sure it is blissful for you.

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