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Re: NFL Coaching Rumors and Moves

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Carolina simply won't offer enough to Cowher. Yes, if he says "I'll coach Carolina for 3M a year", it's his. Carolina won't pay more than 4M (if that) for a coach. They paid 6M to Fox this year and one columnist (who I have forgotten, I think it was Clayton or Shefter) indicated that the owner was never going to pay top dollar again.

It may be close to home, but Cowher can probably get 5M from somebody ... I'd move for an extra 2M, wouldn't you?
I'd move or simply rent an apartment. Maybe it's just me but I really wonder if perhaps Carolina's owner has already spoken with Cowher a year ago and somewhat agreed on a price range. Almost everyone knew this was going to be Fox's last year to include himself. Now no one will admit it and everyone will say nothing is definit which is true but if I remember correctly there was talk of the Panthers owner having talked with Cowher and he said something to the fact that he would not come back to coaching yet. At the time I thought it had something to do with Fox's contract and possibly having one more year which was why Cowher said no to taking the job.

In any event I probably would take a job for a few mill less if it was closer to my home also.
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