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Re: Sua Cravens

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
I didnít have a big problem with the Compton video. Everyone has different motivations for playing the game. Plenty of guys do just play for the paycheck, nothing wrong with that as long as you show up every day and do your job like a professional. Ultimately the issue with Cravens is he quit on his teammates right before the season, some guys will never forgive or forget that. He had to go, guys couldnít trust him.
All true, but the Compton video is a window into Su'a's mindset. The fact that Compton felt like he needed to go there with Su'a showed that his poor attitude was showing. And if the attitude was visible to Compton it was visible to everybody in that locker room.

That's why I completely understand why the Redskins could never accept him back to the locker room. They'll all say they could accept him, publicly. But in reality, that's not the culture you want.

It's amazing, with that Compton video out there, that anybody would ever want Su'a on their team. I can't believe Elway gave up what he did.
God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.
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