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Re: Colin Kaepernick

Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
There are definitely QB signings in this team history that have been 100 times worst (Shane Matthews/Danny Wuerffel anyone?)

But I'd rather have thread about pointless hypothetical trade discussions than pointless what ifs scenarios that are going to get people upset for no reason.
I wanted to compare Spurriers record to Rivera and came up with this gem on wiki.

As the 2002 season progressed, an increasing number of philosophical, strategic, and player personnel differences began to cause a rift between Spurrier and the Washington front office, including team owner Daniel Snyder.[95][96] Snyder pushed for the drafting of Tulane quarterback Patrick Ramsey in the 2002 NFL Draft, and though Spurrier said that he would not play Ramsey very much during his rookie season, the coach was pressured to use him by team officials, and Ramsey was starting by game 4.[97] The quarterback position continued to be a source of friction, particularly when, over Spurrier's objections, the front office decided to release Wuerffel before the start of Spurrier's second season.[98][99] Spurrier later said that he "knew it was over" when he "wasn't allowed to pick the backup quarterback".[97]
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