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Re: Roster Review: Front 7 Defense

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Collins is interesting, yes he showed progress when playing LB... But we need to tone down this idea that he was somewhat elite... He was making some plays and tackling well, but he still did some mistakes in coverage and had some missed tackles. The contrast with how bad he was playing at S made it feel like he was awesome after the switch, he was just good.
Other thing is he doesn't want to be called a LB... Because he doesn't want LB money. So even if you redo his contract, do you really want to have 12+M tied to a lightweight LB who still can't cover ?

Won't be mad if he stays, he played well, but I say trade him for what you can.
Would anyone likely trade for Collins though, given his contract and knowing he played better at LB last year than S? If he doesn't accept a permanent move to LB, I can't see how he stays or gets traded. Most likely a cut and swallow the dead money in that case. Hence a restructure might be better all round.
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