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Re: Commanders Free Agency Tamper Window

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
McCain is a bottom tier starting safety imo. Thats not necessarily a slight, there is a big gap btw a Bobby McCain and a Deshazor Evertte/Jeremy Reaves of the world.

I was hoping for an upgrade at FS though, a clear cut upgrade.

Looking like we roll into next year with the same secondary that was 4th in most passing yards allowed (4,333 fucking yards)

St Juste

What makes you think that is what the secondary will look like next year? I mean we are barely on day 2 of free agency, haven't had a draft yet, and a lot of moves happen between the end of the draft and week 1.

It is a little premature for everyone to be coming to these conclusions as to what this team will look like in September, based on the last one day's worth of action...

Anyway Bobby McCain is solid. I don't even know whether he is a Safety or Cornerback. He's listed as both depending where you look, but that also speaks to his versatility. He's no Jalen Ramsey or Tyrann Mathieu, but he's not getting paid as such either. I think he falls somewhere near 50th for average salary for defensive backs - and that is IF all that 11 Mil is guaranteed.
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