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Re: Commanders Salary Cap Status 2022

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
OP was updated again to reflect now-known details of the Bobby McCain and Cam Sims contracts, and a better guesstimate of the Norwell contract.

McCain's deal includes voidable years which spread the allocation of guaranteed signing bonus money to three years, rather than two. His cap hit this year is less than $3M as a result.

Norwell's deal was lower than I initially thought it would be, indications are it's a two year deal for ten million. His cap hit will be lower than Wes Schweitzer, and frankly the Norwell contract looks like a big bargain, even considering that he's not the same player as he was in 2017 when he made All Pro.

Cam Sims deal is $2.59M, not $3M as previously reported.

Washington is beginning to deploy these voidable year tactics to massage the cap, something they intentionally avoided doing under Bruce Allen. They are now getting in line with what other teams are doing to manage their caps.

Room remains to add a starting middle linebacker, I'd look for that to happen in the coming weeks. That will still leave room to extend McLaurin before camp.
Yeah I'm really surprised. So far this is looking like a really good move.
22.9M is a very decent amount. We should be able to make a couple of significant signings.

I'd be curious to know where we rank in the league as of now (pretty much impossible to know right now, OTC has us 12th at 16.8M but this ranking doesn't include a lot of our moves and other teams' moves.
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