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Re: Commanders Salary Cap Status 2022

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
OP was updated again, OvertheCap has caught up with all of our moves. Andrew Norwell's contract looks just like Bobby McCain's, they have voidable years tacked on so as to keep the cap hit in year 1 low. His cap hit this year will be $2.8M as opposed to the $4M I had been assuming. They continue to deploy this strategy to maintain cap space. Once Collins comes off the books on June 1 they'll have $24M in cap space.

To me, deploying the voidable year strategy is a clear sign that they intend to use the cap space for something this year. You don't deploy a contract strategy with multiple players to kick money into future seasons without having a plan to use the space in the here and now.

There are a number of things they could do with that space. I continue to think they'll fill out the roster with a few more contributing players over the next few weeks, and I continue to think they'll extend Terry McLaurin and take some of the hit on it this year.

They could also choose to extend Daron Payne, but that's just as likely to reduce his 2022 cap hit. He's on his option season at $8.5M this year, an extension probably doesn't move that needle upward much.

I think it's Terry by training camp.
Great job sir, and let's pray you're right !
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