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Re: Who Donít You Want at 11?

My thinking on picking up a WR @ 11 is do we actually need a top WR that much? On the one hand Samuel is something of an unknown still; he might come off his injury and explode this year or he might be a bust. If the former, drafting a WR with other needs to be addressed could be seen as a massive luxury. On the other hand, if he's still not 100% we could hamstring Wentz with maybe 1 or 2 guys to target instead of 3-5.

But, we can probably get a guy that could draw coverage away from McLaurin without having to take that guy @ 11. Hence why I'd take Hamilton if he's still there (difference maker in teh secondary) or trade down a few spots at least to get capital AND still get a good to great WR.
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