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Re: Who Donít You Want at 11?

Originally Posted by AnonEmouse View Post
My thinking on picking up a WR @ 11 is do we actually need a top WR that much? On the one hand Samuel is something of an unknown still; he might come off his injury and explode this year or he might be a bust. If the former, drafting a WR with other needs to be addressed could be seen as a massive luxury. On the other hand, if he's still not 100% we could hamstring Wentz with maybe 1 or 2 guys to target instead of 3-5.

But, we can probably get a guy that could draw coverage away from McLaurin without having to take that guy @ 11. Hence why I'd take Hamilton if he's still there (difference maker in teh secondary) or trade down a few spots at least to get capital AND still get a good to great WR.
I think we have to think beyond this year though. Samuel needs to have an amazing year to earn his third season with us, otherwise he's not going to be worth keeping at a $13M cap number. And if he has an amazing season, then he'll only have one more year with us before we have to let him go because resigning him would probably be unaffordable.

I wouldn't steer away from WR just because of perceived need or lack thereof in 2022.
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