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Re: With the 11th Pick in the First Round, Washington selects…

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Maybe they will find two dance partners this week, one for Daron Payne, and another for the 11th pick.

I would rather take a 3rd or early 4th for DP now, than wait for a "possible" compensatory pick in 2024.

And if they are offered a package similar to what the Giants received for the 11th pick last year, I would take it in a heartbeat. The Giants gave up the 11th pick for the 20th pick, a 5th round pick, and a 1st and 4th the following year.
It just so happens that the Steelers' GM, who I don't think has ever made a draft day trade, is retiring and he has stated that he is looking to trade up in the 1st round. I suspect he is changing his ways so he can leave the Steelers with a potential franchise QB. So, if a QB he wants should fall to #11, then...

Coincidently, the Steelers have the 20th pick and we have the 11th. So, perhaps last year's Giants trade could be used as a yardstick for a potential trade between the Commies and the Steelers this year.
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