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Washington Commanders Pick 6 Draft Game

Ok stealing this a bit from Hog Haven. Thought it would be fun to have a game amongst ourselves for the draft.

A. Each entrant can identify a candidate for each of these six picks:

Round 1 - pick 11
Round 2 - pick 47
Round 4 - pick 113
Round 6 - pick 189
Round 7 - picks 230 & 240

B. If a player on the entrantís list is selected in the round predicted by the entrant, the entrant will earn the following points:

Round 1 = 6 points

Round 2 = 8 points

Round 4 = 13 points

Round 6 = 20 points

Round 7 = 25 points

C. If a player on the entrantís list is selected in a different round than predicted, the entrant will earn 5 points, regardless of which round the player is drafted in, and regardless of the reason for the difference in round. Trades are inevitable but only picks for the six current picks will be accepted.

Round 1, pick 11-Garrett Wilson, WR
Round 2, pick 47-Sam Howell, QB
Round 4, Pick 113- Kellen Diesch, T
Round 6, Pick 189- Joshua Williams, CB
Round 7, Pick 230-ZaQuandre White, RB
Round 7, Pick 239-Jack Sanborn, LB

Entrant with the highest point total wins. To make an entry just post in thread prior to start of draft. Only one entrant per Warpather. No edits after the draft starts. Winner gets bragging rights and a virtual high five and loser gets ridicule usually reserved for Sandtrap Jack and virtual sigh and shake of the head.

Any interest or destined for thread shame?
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