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Re: Snyder (the absolute worst owner in all of sports) to stay on a owner

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
That's true... Up until the point where it could switch from "don't want to make him go down cuz I could be next" to "jeez he's going down and we're not going down with him so F him"... All depends of the amount of smoke that there will be. At some point it might be safer for the other owners to cut him loose before people looking into his backyard end up finding things in their closet... We're not yet there though, I agree.

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Smoke? The NFL has a raging inferno on their hands as Snyder and Goodell are about to go before a congressional committee to try to slither their way out of the deep shit they have created for themselves and the NFL. These two are exactly the worst two people the owners should want to appear before Congress to smooth things over with the politicians.

As a group, the owners probably have more skeletons in their closets than are buried in Congressional Cemetery. In this election year, I expect the committee members to skewer Snyder and Goodell and possibly to ask the DOJ to open an investigation of the NFL. This time the owners' best bet is not to circle the wagons but to sacrifice Snyder and Goodell both as the rest of them quietly make their escapes.
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