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Re: Welcome your Washington Commanders

Originally Posted by rocnrik View Post
Toxic Ö. The owner ,the coaches , the players , the stadium , the name , the uniforms.. the fans , the forums Ö Iíve become toxic by being a fan .. seems nothing is ever positive with this team .. Iím not sure why anyone would be a fan of this toxic waste land of a team .. you canít even have a opinion about this team without it turning into a toxic mess Ö are you guys sure winning will cure this or is it a done deal ?
We're all still here, with zero winning. So I can't imagine any of us jumping off the boat if we ever do start winning.

I think everyone here has been a fan longer than Snyder has owned the team. I think that's why (or at least part of why) we all stay. Fuck Snyder, I shouldn't have to switch teams because of that asshole. Have some fortitude NFL, and kick the man out. Dude will still get more money than you can ever spend without being a jerk-off. Not like he will be put out.

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